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Are you wanting to design a typography ‘saying’ on a shirt?
Well you came to the right place and we’re happy to see that you want to get involved in our project!

Our main goal at is to deliver shirts that are encouraging, loving, inquisitive, expressive, explorative, challenging, believable and laughable…all while being ‘easy on the eye’.

We take pride in good designs and sayings the evoke the best in people.

First off, let me see if I can answer some of your questions:

[toggle title=”1) What do you get if you become a designer?”]Our designers receive 20% cash commission every time one of their designs sell (anywhere from $2 to $4 USD, per sale), which will be transfered to you electronically at the end of every month via Paypal or Moneybookers.  You’ll also get a link back to your website of choice for a little more self promotion.  We’ll put your link into the description of the shirts and when we promote a design on Facebook.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”2) How does ShirtSayings keep track of commissions?”]We’re having a “Designer Interface” built into our website, where you can long in to check your commissions and choose from sayings to design, but immediately this won’t be ready for your access, so we’ll be supplying that information in a more manual way. You’ll be notified periodically as to the amount of shirts that are being sold and how much commission you have standing via individual e-mails and/or newsletters. When the interface is integrated into the website however, you’ll be able to log-in at your leisure and see real-time data of the # of shirts sold to commission ratio. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”3) Do you have to choose the sayings you design?”]Currently we have 400+ sayings to send out to designers to start creating into works of art for our shirts.  We’ll provide you with sayings to design.  Each designer gets a saying that is exclusive to them, so we don’t have design overlay, as well as un-needed competition in sales for the same saying.  If you happen to have a favorite saying that you would like to design, just notify us and we’ll check our database to ensure it’s not already being designed. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”4) What is the criteria in creating a design?”]This is a totally creative project, however since we are a typography niche site we’d like the designs to be less graphical.
What is Typography? If we were to define typography we would say it uses typefaces and the “whitespace” around and through the design to create a WHOLE design! Typography encompasses everything from calligraphy through digital type & font on Web pages. It also includes type designers who create new letterforms as well as designers and calligraphers who use the letters as part of their designs. If you need some design inspiration, check out this album HERE as well as reasons we may decide to decline your designs HERE.

We’re currently only going to have one design for each of our sayings on our website, we would like there to be three color variations for each design as well, using the 12 available t-shirt colors as a design background.  After you sign up to become a designer below, we will send you a PSD template to use when designing as well an instructive YouTube video explaining the details.

In the near future, you’ll get to assign your name to a saying that you’d like to design, from our list of 400+.  As that system, has not be integrated into the website yet, we’ll be manually assigning 10 sayings to a designer that you can design at your leisure.  If you don’t like the sayings assigned to you, just send us word, and we’ll get you new ones to design!

Immediately, there will be TWO limitation for you as a designer:

    • We’re using digital printing for our shirt (because we like how instant this is and we can print shirts on demand, rather than keep a large quantity of shirts in storage). Digital printing is excellent because it makes a design feel like it’s part of the shirt, rather than being slapped on top of it. The down side to digital printing is you’ll have a maximum of a 14 inch by 16 inch space to work with.  In the future, we hope this will change when our printing possibilities change.
    • Since we’re using Digital Printing for all of our designs, you can use any/all colors that work with multiply transparency. Due to digital printers using ink transfer (in the same way that an inkjet printer works on paper) we can NOT print the color white. All the color values have to be darker than the shirt tones, because of color bleed through. If you’re not exactly sure what we’re talking about, just open up any graphic in photoshop that has white in it, turn that graphic layer to multiply and you’ll see how the color changes when it’s on top of one of our t-shirt background colors. Again, in the future, we hope this will change when our printing possibiliteis change![/toggle]

[toggle title=”5) How quickly does ShirtSayings need designs?”]The turn around for your designs are also up to you, which gives you good time to work on something to make it quality.  Keep in mind, the more quality designs you have on our site, the more commissions you will make…especially in the beginning when the website won’t have hundreds of shirts to choose from. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”6) Does ShirtSayings print all the designs submitted?”]Ideally we would like to print all designs, but on the other hand we want to make sure the designs are cohesive to the image we are portraying on as well as being sell worthy so you can earn big time commission. If at any time we decide to decline your design, it is most likely because we feel your idea could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best shot.  Be prepared at anytime to have your design declined or submitted for revisions, due to excessive colors for printing, spelling errors, and/or to make sure the file types are accurate and functional for our prints. To see a visual and other reasons why we would decline a design, check this out:[/toggle]
[toggle title=”7) Do you get to keep the rights to your designs?”]Yes, of course, the designs are your designs and you will own the copyright. Also, each one of your designs that gets accepted for printing will link to you in one way or another. When you agree to our designer contract below, you will be saying that we (Three Dot, Inc. DBA will have full rights to sell your designs or use them in any commercial/marketing aspect that will help us both make more sales, but the design will always remain yours. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”8) How do you submit designs?”]After filling out the Designer Form below, we will contact you via e-mail to give you a list of sayings you can start designing.  Initially, you’ll just send designs to that e-mail address we give you at that time. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”9) This didn’t answer all my questions, how do I contact you?”]If after reading all of this, you still need some questions answered, just shoot us a message! No Worries! [/toggle]

The steps you’ll need to take to become a designer for ShirtSayings:

Step 1: Fill out the Designer Form Below

Step 2: Start designing at your leisure, periodically submitting designs so we can assess if your work is suitable for  Please note, at this time we are only accepting sayings that we submit to designers or pre-approve. After filling out the Designer Form below, we’ll send you a list of sayings.

Congrats, you might be joining our team shortly!

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