Hello, I’m Awesome…Which look do you like best?

"Hello I'm Awesome blue and red typography name-tag graphic"

Hello, I’m Awesome…Which look do you like best?

Your voices were heard, and we need you to speak up again!

Many of you saw the “Hello, I’m Awesome” graphic on Facebook that our designer Manish created.  It wasn’t intended to be printed for ShirtSayings.net, but many of you loved it, so we had a chat with Manish & he produced a design that is ready to be printed A.S.A.P.

There is a problem, however.  We can’t decide which of the two options below we like the best…and we’re only going to put one of them into our inventory
Please help us decide.

Check out Option #1:

I-Am-Awesome-1 - ShirtSayings

Do you like how the graphic looks like you slapped a name-tag sticker on your shirt?
Or do you prefer this….

Check out Option #2:

I-Am-Awesome-2 - ShirtSayings

A more classic graphic t-shirt?

Which is it, Option #1 or Option #2? Again, we are only going to have one of these in our inventory… so speak up, comment below or miss out on the opportunity to pick your favorite look.
Tell us which one you prefer!

~The ShirtSayings Team


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